About me

My name is Bala Bhargav and I am the author of this website.I am 21 year old completed my under graduation in computer science and engineering.This blog is where I can improve my imagination and writing skills.I like to write technical articles on gadgets,software’s and technologies.I am Ubuntu user by heart.I am working to improve my skills in coding and application development.I love web technologies.I am learning math too…… ( It’s a Universe Language )

I love cricket,badminton and ping-pong and most of my childhood I had learned about outdoor games.I found a website which I am learning a course on Chess.Here is the link : Chess Online Learning .I love harry potter and my favourite character is Severus Snape.My strengths are courageous on taking decisions about life,volunteering.I am a fresher and take a step to work on my career.I read books and I read articles online about emotions,work culture,technology,International politics. Even though I fear to do math I had taken a step which will improve my foundations in mathematics.I am vegetarian foodie and health freak.

My dream is to travel around the globe and learn about the country,religions and people.

I had attached eLink where you can get my updated resume : RESUME

Thanks for your time on my blog and will update my next article on may 20,2016.

Have a great day 🙂


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