Google Products

Project ARA: Google Modular Smartphone.

Google is one of the software tycoon in the world which it is mostly meant to us by Google Search Engine which is one of the important in our daily lives (Laughter),Where it comes up with many innovative ideas such as search engine(Mostly Used),driverless car,maps,mail services,customer interaction,application development,mobile manufacturer,Storage,translate and many more i said that it is simply a software world and is every one’s dream to work there even i had a dream and need to fulfill it soon.


Coming to Project ARA: It is one of the latest innovative in Mobile platform.Which the block modular smartphone is user defined upgradable by replacing the blocks at the front and rear.Image

The blocks can be anything from ram,processors to a better quality camera. The only limit is the level of technology at the present moment. The need for expensive upgrades could soon no longer be an issue. Phone running slow, get a new CPU. Camera not up to your photography skills, get a new camera block and slot it is easy to replace a block than to buy a new smartphone with better features It is a great idea.Image


The blocks attach to the device with small electro-permanent magnets. Place the block in its slot and a small jolt of voltage locks the block into place. This locking and unlocking device can easily be controlled with an app and with password protection, this can protect the blocks from being popped off and stolen. The head of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko, says “it’s a passive component, meaning it consumes no power in both the off state and the on state.” I think this is an important issue and a security concern which google need to think about it.Image

Google’s plan as of early 2014 is to have the first Ara smartphones go on sale in the first quarter of 2015, keeping prices as low as possible to try and build a strong and early backing that would allow for rapid progression of the technology to go along with it. Google is working alongside Phone blocks and Motorola to make this dream a reality.Hopefully the price range of basic smart device is about 50$.


Device comes in three different standard sizes – phone, phablet and tablet. Each will have a different amount of space for modules, meaning that the tablet version will have more room for extra modules. The covers for the modules are 3-D printed and this of course opens up doors for custom designs.Image

The upgrade benefits is an obvious win and the lifetime of smartphones could be prolonged greatly. It also means that you won’t have to pay for a load of features you don’t want or need and can use that extra space to ramp up CPU power or get some more memory.



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