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How to Use google drive…???


Here are some important tips to use google drive effectively

1.You can use widgets online for different purposes for different task


This is the best customization which we can use office work offline such as spreadsheets.Check this video

2.You can watch your revision history which will help you to know about uploaded work.


3.You can crop the pictures differently which you can customize the shape.A side from the typical square or rectangle, you can also crop your pics into different shapes, such as hearts and smiley faces.

Open an image, then click on it and select the Crop icon in the toolbar to mess around with the feature.


4.Ease of Use

Want to know all the keyboard shortcuts for super fast access to everything? Hit “shift” and “?” and Drive will pull up a list of all keyboard shortcuts – a shortcut for your shortcuts.


5.User access specified Secure Sharing is Enabled.

6.By using this drive we can make our mail services easier such as we can bypass the linits of attachments by sharing through the drive.

where as normal mail attachment is about 25Mb When you compose an email, click on the small Drive icon, and from there pick what you want to add.

We can also store mail attachments directly which we received.






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