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How Smart google search is?

Here are the some tips and tricks to search in Google search engine…



GOOGLE: Global Organisation of Oriented Group Language of Earth.

Founders: Larry page and Sergey brin.

1.You want to know the meaning of any word or you would like to Define the meaning of that word?

Ok then let’s find out how to do that one now

Here is the syntax to define a word you wold like to know about it have a look at the picture

Google Search:Define <word name> “Search with out <>.”

yeah it is so cool and yes we are moving to next tip

2.There most trending business: e-commerce (Online shopping) which is a developing rapidly now  a days.we heard many of the famous companies such as Amazon, Flipkart ,Ebay,bookmyshow,redbus,snapdeal,almamater and many more….

It is tough to find and compare all the prices or to know about the price of a gadget or item which is reasonable to us.

Now we will see how google helps us to find out the price range

syntax: I would like to know about the price of Pendrive,now see how i find that one?

Syntax: Object $Price1..$Price2 “You will get the website list.”


3.You want to exclude a term from the original item which has a bond with it such as you want to know the food recipes with out oil or bread recipes with out yeast u can search the terms how can u find quickly just check that….

Syntax: itemname -excluded term. “-“Minus symbol is important which excludes the search term

Yeah next one is very cool and useful to many of us…!!!

4.Many people feel that i had wasted my time online or playing games or facebook or something else there is good trick to spent time online you can set the timer in Google Search engine it will helps you and alarms you…just check that one you must try it..!!

I just set the timer for 20 seconds just check it for 60 mins and 120 mins so that you can schedule the online time it will run in auto mode.

Syntax:Set timer for 20 seconds

Above is Automated one u can also set manually by “Set time”By searching in Google Search Bar

5.If u want to know about about the post which was posted in Seconds20 then the webspiders of google will take u dirctly by using this term

syntax: googledrive


yes i think u like it….!!!

5.It is tough to find the documents which will suitable for your software.

i would like to search for the document regarding “HACKING” I got many types of documents of different formats but i need the type of document of powerpoint now this is a trick to find out how to get your desire type of document then this is the trick

syntax: FORMAT name

Formats: docx ,doc,ppt,xls….

example: ppt hacking


6.If u want to find ou moving animations in google search this is the good trick which will helps you to find out the animations in formats of Gif’s ..etc

Now go to google images ->Search tools ->Type(Format type) -> Search for the term for Example (Global Warming)


anima  7.Last one You would like to know  information of search term you can use this syntax

Just type “intitle:search term”

8.You can also Use google as calculator and also as convertor of many units.

By entering problem format such as 10 divided by 3.

Thank you.!!!





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