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How Microsoft has impacted your life and how you plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?Badge

Change is the only word which never changes in IT world“–Dr.Sai Satish.

Considering Microsoft as a lively example:

From Windows 98 to Windows 8.1.They improving their Industry vastly From the Past..!441654_170x100

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This post is my real life experience and I am happy to share with you Thanks to ” MICROSOFT ” for giving me this opportunity.Hope you have a good entertainment from this post.Most of them in the world know that Microsoft is Pinnacle In Computer world and It is… !

I agree with you and In this post I am going to share “How it impacted my life and after that how i plan to bring a change to the society”.I was dividing the post into two modules which first one is “I am going to tell my experience now how it impacted my life?

This is a true story of a super kid who is energetic, enthusiastic, communicative and with sparkling mind.


Yes it’s me and when I was 8 years old I had started using computer in my grandfather’s house.At that time I was using Windows 98 which is antique version of windows and I remembered that I used to play games and most played are Dave,Mario,Gobman which were the best at that time and runs in DOS (Disk Operating System ) mode and I also use mspaint for having Creative Interest and then after some years which he was Stimulated to Windows XP professional (Most Used and Famous Operating System In the World ) I remembered at time I was in 7th standard I had feel that which is a operating system than Windows 98 then I also increase my Gaming level due to Attractive Interface.I used to play Roadrash,Little Fighter(Favourite),Spiderman,Shadow,Need For Speed.which were quite famous.

In 2006 he gifted me a computer because In my 5th standard I stood top in Education from my community and After that I Started Using personal Computer which become a daily routine.I used to play games,Watching Movies,Learned about Microsoft Office which made to complete my primary education with good knowledge.

This is one of the turning point  in my life which I was moved from my native place for seeking higher education.Where I make my life broaden by using the Internet where I learned many things,Used to test and Store Many Software’s in My Computer Where I browse,learn and know about new things.”And with some great experiments I had packed some great experiences ” which bring me to work on Operating System.

Later after completing My Education in Class 12.I was joined in Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College for pursuing My Professional Engineering Degree.I had Opted for Department of Computer Science and Luckily I had got selected in it and then I got installed with Windows 7 by our college ( Really best among all operating systems) in my Laptop.My first year of education which I had worked for Two Co-Curricular Projects.They are One is Power Glider(Wooden Plane made of Bansal Wood Driven By High Power Battery with propeller ) and Other is Hydro phonics(Growing Plants With Out Soil ).We choose this projects as we were in Science and Humanities Section which were praised by Many Hierarchies In Our college for this Experiments and after that I had Completed my First Year Of My Education Successfully and Later I Participated in Many Quiz Competitions which is one of the budding seed Make to me to explore about latest technologies.In second year of my education Where My Grand Dad Gifted Me a Mobile and I feel that it is a perfect mobile because I was fond of listening music which was made for that purpose only and as time proceeds I bought Nokia Lumia 520 which is Smart and Economic at that time and I was attracted by the user Interface which was Amazing and I feel that it is the Perfect and Economic Smartphone.So I continued using with that mobile.After that I had learned about Computer security protection  which is Some part of “Ethical Hacking” by attending Workshops,Learning From Tutorials,Blogs which I was attracted and in love with Windows 7 Because Every Tool is Supported in ( 32-BIT ) Environment.I Started testing every tool and Got an uncountable experience and Learned How to use it to protect my system.

Later I had attended workshop on”BIG DATA” which was emerging Technology and Extortinate In software World Presently and In future(Predicted by Most).Which was hosted at “NIT Trichy” by “Koenig Solutions” who were gold partners of Microsoft and Workshop is Good.I had got an idea about the subject Which had supported me in one of My project after the workshop.Then I started engaging in Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities to Improve My skills,Knowledge and experience the Culture of others which makes me Pro-active Where I learned to Conducted many events from My Department And also In College.As My daily Activity I surprisingly got a notification from Friend ask me to register for Microsoft student associate program.I had think and applied for it and I feel that this is a Big Branded Badge to boost up my Knowledge..It is the Main reason for my “Registration” and Got replied from Microsoft after 18 hours and I was so excited because most of my life I was experiencing Microsoft software tools Which provided me knowledge and Spreading their World dynamically with their Industrial technology In innovative and research platform.

Bill and Melinda gates were one of the biggest supporter and Donor for many Health,Education,Environment and many Organisations.

“Microsoft provided me a simple and Understandable User Interface which brings the things closer to me.”

This is the Best Operating System which gives Ultimate Extended support for Creating,building and Running Applications In Microsoft Software Environment.I personally prefer my friends to Use Microsoft Products which was is very ease and they are With their Famous Software’s list as follows Office suite,Operating Systems,Applications,Software Development tools, (.net)Framework and Research Project Application By Microsoft.

Simply I Experienced and Exposed to a Different world with Microsoft.


Not only in Providing Operating User Interface but also in providing amazing products such as Skype,Outlook,Bing search,Office Suite,Xbox,Windows Phone,One drive (Cloud Storage ) and also leading Supporter in Education and Research through Gates Foundation,KHAN Academy…..More

Bill and Melinda gates —> “You are doing a Great Job and holding a Important responsibility.”( By Bala Bhargav Kavuluri 😉 )

By Inventing and giving Innovative products in Computer World  and Providing me and making my tasks easier.

Thanks to Microsoft Corporation.

Now I am going to complete the second module :

” How i plan to bring a change to the society being a Microsoft Student Associate?”

As I learned from my personal experience that by attending and being part of Events,Workshops,Seminars,Webinars. Knowing about Industry and Staying to the Microsoft updates which will bring The People closer to Microsoft.

As a part Getting the information closer to the people I will understand learn and promote technology and I will be responsible and act as good promoter in my network for Microsoft and can help the people to change their lives with the Microsoft.I am happy to conduct  Workshops,seminars,tech events and also happy to represent.

Want to be a part of Microsoft Student program. (Microsoft Student Associate MSA )

Thank you…!!!

Feel Free to check my blog posts and contents.

I am happy to receive any suggestions.



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