Dauntless Journey to NIT Trichy Module One…

NIT Trichy:


When I was in Semester 3,I had heard about some technologies and I am interested in travelling which is one of my way to explore Knowledge and communication.I would like to choose far places from my locale where i can communicate with different people and know about their Cultures.Hopefully this was second journey to College festival which I had chosen NIT Tiruchirappali ( One of the India’s best research place in Computer Science ) which is located in state of Tamilnadu and name of the festival they called it as “Pragyan” means “WISDOM”.

Students of institute co-ordinate with each other for this annual Techno-management Festival of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli.


As it is 800 kilo meters from my surrounding and travel time is about 12 hours.Every parent and guardians concerned about their children safety and even in India probably more than 99% people think in this way that Not to take risk by sending them to far places.I had faced this problem and I need to convince my parents about the technology and this is a big hurdle for me after I told about the subject and  I feel that I had no chance to participate for this festival and after some days which is week before deadlines of the festival registrations and I feel that this is my last chance to convince my parents and guardians.I had clearly explained them and showed the main subject which I was going to learn there and after some time they had convinced my journey with certain conditions.Now it is my first longest alone train Journey from my home.I had wished for best experience  and it must be great and at last I had decided to confirm it to myself that it is going to be very successful and book my tickets in GRAND TRUNK Express one of the fastest trains in India.


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