It’s not just a letter..!!

This is the post I had Got Notified So It is not My Creativity But It is Amazing 🙂
  A letter to my Only Daughter
 This is what a mother should tell her daughter when she leaves her home.

Dear Shubo,

I still remember the day when you were born and how elated I and your father were. Your father had tears of joy in his eyes. Sadly the entire family wanted a son and you were a constant reminder of a burden to them. They refused to hold you or see you. Someone even asked me to leave you or abandon you. Your father was enraged and badly pained at the same time. He decided to leave his family because he did not want you to grow up being disrespected and hated for no fault of your own.It was a tough decision for him, he loved his family but he did not hesitate once before moving out.

We got a smaller home with lesser amenities but that never deterred your father from taking you to the market every evening and buying you your favorite balloon and getting you a ride in the most sought after swing of the city. We gave you the best education we could afford and you never disappointed us even remotely. On days of your Parent Teacher meetings your father had a constant smile when the teacher used to praise you infront of the entire class and applauded our upbringing. That was the least we could have done for you.
We never stopped you from doing what you wanted, never discouraged you from talking to boys and wearing what you wanted because we knew you would never break our trust. Yes at times we were strict in certain respect because we wanted to save you from the perils that wait for their bait in this world. You were young , beautiful and very naive. Your father was incapable of seeing you in pain.
Just to tell you your grandparents were boasting to the entire world how you topped the university and they want to meet you. Let bygones be bygones and meet them before you leave. Respect them for their position in your life.
Now that you are done with your studies and leaving for your job, you will be stepping out in this world alone. I will not tell you now what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. In these 22 years we have taught you and made you rational enough to judge and decide what is best for you. Take risks but in moderation. Learn from all experiences bitter or good.
This world is not as sweet as it seems. Its full of hypocrites. There will be times when your abilities will be looked down upon because you are a girl. Many at times you would feel an outcast because you are a girl. Do not give in. Believe in yourself and blatantly refuse to quit. Your talents are not subjected to anyone’s judgement. You will be objectified, leered at and even pressurized for sexual favors for early increments. Don’t be scared or upset. Type your resignation, slap it down your boss and file an FIR.Come back home.We will find another job. We know how talented you are.
Coming next is the most important thing that I am going to tell you – Never ever let anyone abuse you emotionally or verbally. What ever you do, however you are , the only people you are answerable to are your father and me and nobody else. Nobody has a right to judge you on your clothes, character or anything else. If they call you a bitch for being rigid, a slut for befriending men reply as viciously as you can and move ahead but do not keep quiet.
In some years we will help you in getting married to a boy of your choice. It is our dream to see you as a bride. Remember that you are getting married and not being sold. We still will remain your parents and will keep loving you unconditionally. You will have two lives to take care of then- your personal and professional. But I must warn you and put it straight forward to you, you are not going as a maid or a pleasure seeking game.Your husband is your equal. Don’t treat him like a God unless he is willing to give the same respect to you. Learn to say no when you want to, be it sex or any household chore. He is your partner and not owner. Be very respectful to his parents, they are your parents now.
Love his family like you have loved us. But incase he tries to hit you or even raise his hand, before he touches you catch him off guard but don’t you dare come home beaten and battered. We have never raised our hand on you and will not tolerate the same. You don’t need to live with someone who can’t wait for coitus. And trust me we don’t want grandchildren with such genes. Your home is your home and will remain so always.
Ahhhhh… you too will grow old someday and by then you would also be a mother. you will know it is a tough job. My job has almost reached its retirement and I am happy to see the result.When I see you I feel glad that this is the outcome of my efforts.
You have made me proud and your children will carry forward this legacy.
We are always a call away.

Love you
Your mother

It’s affection that can’t explain and bond which doesn’t define in words.

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