After I got permission from my family to attend the workshop on BIG DATA technology.I was very excited about the workshop.I need to attend alone because it was exam’s time.No one dare to take a hard journey.On the day of my departure from the Vijayawada I had taken blessings from my Grand Parents for permitted me to know about the Technology which is in everyday computing and Started to Railway

I had got a city transit from my home with my two friends.

AKRAM and SHIVA are the people who came with me on that day. we reached railway station in 15 minutes.

We enquired about the train and Departure time is at 11.45am.It is on Platform number ONE.I am carrying a backpack and a small trolley luggage bag.We are waiting for the train and we had a chai ( Indian Tea ) in this mean time.

After few minutes there is an announcement about the train and it is going to arrive at 12.15am. We just talked about some things and The Time has arrived and train is on Platform on TIME.


I just found my name on reserved chart at S5,17 Sleeper class.With in 15 Mins there is an announcement about departure. After Train Departed from Vijayawada I just sent a Text Message to my Grandpa that I will send him the updates of my journey.I just see the things going back with few lights where there were industries and Train stopped at 6 to 8 stations in between the destination.I had reached the CHENNAI CENTRAL at 6.30am. It was new and first time for me where I CALLED MY DAD who moved to chennai Which is THREE MONTHS BEFORE MY JOURNEY.

My Dad came to Railway station and We had get into local train which is travelling to GUMMADIPUDI.We reached the destination TIRUVOTTIYUR where my parents were living. My mom and sister came to railway station they both hugged me and it was long gap to see them.I just went to company quarters where we had lived when my dad is working in chennai. I slept for long time due to  night out  because of the excitement about new place.I woke up at evening 5pm where I need to catch another train on the same day at Fort Station ( EGMORE ) Chennai Which is Trivendram Express ( I HOPE SO.. ).

I will continue this post in couple of days which has very important and unbelievable experiences.I never forgot those experiences.



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