After I got wake up in evening.

My parents,Uncle and I had planned to go to CHENNAI EGMORE Railway Station.I had packed my LAPTOP,Registration and Payment Documents of NIT WORKSHOP,Student Identification CARD,A Jeans and Formal Shirt.

I had got reserved for the TRIVENDRAM EXPRESS ( I hopefully think so..)It was a long time back happened.I feel i had a superpower to remember the things.I just got into railway station with my backpack on that day.I remembered it was evening 7’0 Clock.Train Just departed from Railway station.I had seen tears in my mom eyes may be she is too emotional and believe in me.I can do best and I will become the best.

I love her and I remembered I had got side lower berth which I had seen many industries with Lights and I had seen a TOP FAMOUS INDIAN PRIVATE UNIVIERSITY and it is SRM with the sparkling lights and Many cars before the gate.I had called my brother who is studying Aerospace Engineering and he was very surprised after saying that i am in Chennai.I just got a call from One of my classmate at that time and He feels sad because I did not tell anything about my journey.I Just went to take a nap and it was 10.30pm.In my train chart I am about to get to the destination by 5.30AM.I just woke around 3am and it was very dark outside and I had seen a guy standing with his luggage trolly.I just went to wash my face and Asked him about my destination TRICHY.

He said “I think Train Passed the Destination early a hour back.”

I was bit shocked,I think he is trolling or pranking me and scene paused at that moment.Another railway station had arrived and I just tried to connect my mobile to internet.It was 3.45 in the morning and I did not see any network presence on my mobile.I feel little scared and I asked him again to confirm it so that I can get in next railway station and Catch a bus to my destination


He called his wife and asked her.

She also replied with same.It was dark 4.30AM in the morning. I do not know where to go and find the path to the knowledge.

I just convinced myself and I need to get to the next junction which must be very populated so that i can get any bus from that location.

After that it was around 5.20AM train stopped at TRICHY.

That guy apologised for the things happened and for Wrong Information.


I just went to refresh my self for an hour and get into railway refreshment room.

I had taken a haircut before and had a bath.

I went to ” ADAYAR ANAND BHAVAN ” where i can find tasty sambar for breakfast.

I just walked to city bus stand of TRICHY.

It was 7.45AM in the morning and I got a direct bus to institute.

I feel very happy because one police man who hardly understand ENGLISH helped me to get into RIGHT BUS.

After I got down to CAMPUS. I showed my identity to the security and I had seen many students who were volunteering for the FEST “PRAGYAN”

It was really a inspirational one and Sense of Responsibility to their institute.

I got campus map and find my workshop place at campus which I had walked for 25 minutes.

I just went to HALL where the program on BIG DATA.

I will surely complete the experience in next post.



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